Wednesday, April 14, 2010

End of year 1 (just about)

I am at a loss this week. For the first time in 10 months I have nothing pressing to do. The work for the doctoral seminar course has concluded with each of us developing a mock proposal with a focus on the theoretical framework and worldview and the design being only thoughts at this point. The comments from classmates and the exercise of reading and asking questions to our peers was very informative. I then took a chance and sent the mock proposal to my supervisor who indicated he liked what he saw. I am working on a reading list now to help develop my thinking.

The quantitative methods course is also at an end. It was a valuable experience as well since the focus was on understanding the material and not on actually doing the calculations. I have finished my paper for the course and we have our final elluminate Live session tomorrow evening.

For the rest of April and then May and June I can read, rest and refresh. This summer I will be taking two courses again. With some luck I will be done my courses by Christmas and can then work on my proposal. I am looking forward to the qualitative methods course in the fall because that is really the final piece that I will need prior to developing my own study.