Friday, June 4, 2010

eLearning Africa experience

Being between semesters I am supposed to be reading material related to my thesis topic/candidacy paper. I did start with good intentions but I have been side tracked a little preparing for and attending the 5th eLearning Africa conference. in Zambia Africa. I conducted a 1/2 day workshop there and also did a presentation on ePortfolios. While not related directly to my doctoral work the preparation and attendance was informative and has reinforced for me that I need to get my doctoral credential in order to more fully participate in these kinds of initiatives in the future.

My workshop was on Open Source tools that can be easily incorporated into a course or used by an instructor to improve communication with their students. It was a good experience just preparing for the workshop and I met some great people that afternoon.

The conference was largely focused on mobile technologies and Open Educational Resources--both topics will be covered more this coming summer in the two classes I am signed up for. So ultimately while I am not working specifically on doctoral readings it is all converging on one level or another.

Now that I am back I am reading Curtis Bonk's The World is Open. A fitting transition to the world of being a student again.