Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Year 2 - day ?

It has been about a week since the last post. This is the second of two weeks here in Calgary--the second and final of my two week residencies. Today I spoke to the first year students. I was so honored to have been asked to speak. Of course, immediately after agreeing to speak I thought "aghaaa...what do I have to impart?" Last year the people who spoke to me had such life changing experiences occur (cancer, deaths in the family, etc.) that I felt inadequate to address the possibilities of the depth of their experience. As humble as I feel, I hope my 'tips and tricks' will help the first year students adapt to their new environment. A large part of what we are doing as graduate students involve the idea of being mentors and co-creators of knowledge so I hope the first year students this year embrace the idea of collaboration and sharing knowledge as well as supporting each other.

And now I am off to work on my individual papers.

On a completely 'un-academic' level...no, I won't go there now...but stay tuned.


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