Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5 - Refining the topic

The traditional lines of distinction between distance education and on campus courses are blurring largely due to the proliferation of educational technologies such as LMSs and various social networking tools that can be used in both modes. Between the two extremes of fully distance and fully on-campus, a new type of blended course has emerged. In this paper I will conduct a literature review on the state of the field of blended learning and summarize best practices in the field at this point. Ideally I would like to use the information to make recommendations on how my institution can deploy a blended learning strategy.

The questions I am trying to answer are:
1) What are the different types of blended learning?
2) Are there accepted best practices for developing a blended learning strategy?
3) What can I recommend for my institution regarding blended learning.

Please help with thoughts...



  1. You discussed an interest in exploring how to prepare faculty for adoption of a blended learning environment. You may consider other terms such as elearning and distributed learning in your review.

  2. What scale of research are you contemplating, International, Canadian National, Provincial?

    How do you determine "Best Practices" without some kind of Universal/International Scale?

    I think that you could regionalize this inquiry if needed.

    Mitch Townsend

  3. Exploring what we mean by blended learning can be a paper all on its own!! Operationally defining what is meant by blended learning, in what context, for which teachers and learners, and with which technological processes and systems....