Thursday, January 21, 2010

Semester 3 has started

I had a very restful break at Christmas and had the opportunity to re-read and consolidate the ideas from 700A and also read the thesis I am going to critique for part B, so I feel good starting the term. I feel confident that I am on the right track after reading the thesis because I can see how my worldview fits well with my area of interest. So basically I have a paradigm to work from. I also have the Community of Inquiry model which also sits within the Interpretivist/Contructionist area so I am confident about that part of the process.

I have just commenced the third semester of my Doctoral program. In order not to take too long with the program, I am doing two courses this semester. I was worried at first because I am not a numbers person but the quantitative methods course is really well organized and aimed an non-mathematicians. One of the primary texts is Statistics without Tears by Derek Rowntree. It is a very reasonable and readable book which makes statistics really user friendly. I can see the relevance to my thesis and in interpreting the work of others. It is primarily individual work-based but there is a group presentation. I am working with Jean Slick and Bob Sochowsy. I must double check the due dates for the assignments since it is a mostly asynchronous course.

Aside from required work, I am trying to read more to get some work done surrounding developing a proposal. At this point I need to think about research questions. My fear is that I am enjoying the reading and work so much that I am loosing interest in people. How will I be able to have a balanced approach to this program?


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